Back In The News: 11 New AVA’s in Paso Robles

I was once against the idea of splitting Paso Robles into 11 AVA’s but have since changed my mind. The one thing that changed my mind is that ‘Paso Robles’ still needs to appear on the label. The average wine consumer does not care about AVA’s, they pay more attention to area…like Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, etc. So I’m happy that ‘Paso Robles’ still has to appear on the label. Read more…

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Paso Robles News: Robert Hall Passes Away

Robert Hall of Robert Hall Winery passed away on October 4, 2014 at the age of 85.

This is indeed sad news. Annie and I send our condolences out to the Robert Hall family and friends of the family. Robert Hall is another one of those big names in the Paso Robles area and it simply won’t be the same in Paso without him. He leaves behind an amazing legacy. Read more…


Not Your Typical White Wines

I was recently contacted by fix.com about an article that Joe Roberts, otherwise known as 1WineDude, wrote for their website. The title, Off-the-Beaten-Path White Wine Varieties and Why You Should Try Them, caught my eye because I am a white wine lover. Read more…


Paso Robles Eats: Black Stallion Bar & Grill

So, Black Stallion Bar & Grill isn’t brand new but it’s brand new to us. To be honest, I don’t know how long they’ve been open but it’s been a little while. Anyways, this spot is, believe it or not, in the Food4Less strip mall on the corner of Creston and Niblick here in Paso Robles (right around the corner from where we live) and it’s actually in the same unit as a place we used to frequent often. Read more…


Q&A – Chris Cameron of Broken Earth Winery, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we gave you Part One of a Q&A I did via email with Chris Cameron of Broken Earth Winery here in Paso Robles and now…wait for it…part 2. Chris is a very interesting guy who has traveled all over the world doing this wine thing. I’ve heard some great stories from him so if you ever get the chance to chat him up for a bit make him tell you some. He’s been involved in many unique wine projects and I actually really enjoy what he is doing over at Broken Earth. Read more…


Lisa Pretty on Savor the Central Coast, Wine, Food, and Life

Here’s a short Q&A with Lisa Pretty, a woman of many talents, who is involved in this year’s Sunset Savor the Central Coast. Annie and I have known Lisa for some time now which means we’ve had the opportunity to not only enjoy her company but enjoy some pretty (get it…”pretty”…you know, because of her last name?) amazing food and wine extravaganzas that she’s put together. Read more…


Interesting Articles I’ve Read

Today I leave you with a handful of articles I have found online that interested me in some way. Due to the amount of time I spend online for work, researching and searching for content, I tend to find thought provoking nuggets. So today, and for the weekend ahead, I leave you with this reading material. Read more…

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Beaverstock 2014 at Castoro Cellars

This was our first year at Beaverstock and long story short, it was absolutely perfect!

Now we’ll get to the long story.

Beaverstock is a two day event (Saturday and Sunday) packed with exceptional live music, beer, wine, food, and so much more. We had a friend in from Phoenix, another from Auburn, CA., and Annie’s mom came up to all join in the fun with us. Read more…


Q&A – Chris Cameron of Broken Earth Winery, Part 1

I first met Chris Cameron, Vice President and Director of Winemaking, several years back at a coffee shop in downtown Paso Robles. The more I chatted with him since then the more impressed I was with his knowledge, experience, and travels. Read more…


Farming, Sustainability, and Simply Not Caring Enough

Back when I had first started working with The Vineyard Team and during the duration of my time with them, I really started having a greater appreciation for farming and sustainability. I’m not just referring to sustainability in farming when I say that, I am instead referring to all aspects of sustainability. Read more…

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