Paso Robles: More Good (Kind Of) Press

This article on Wine Searcher titled, ‘Paso Robles: It’s Hot But Cooler Than You Think’, is the latest article talking about the awesomeness that is Paso Robles.

Well…mostly for the west side. Read more…

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Notes from Paso Robles

I’ve put together some notable events and recent mentions about Paso Robles and the surrounding area right here at your fingertips! The California Wine Festival in Santa Barbara starts tomorrow, July 17 – July 19. There will be many Paso Robles wineries there so if you’re in the area get your butt over there and drink up. Read more…


Paso Robles, Social Media, and the Wine Industry

I have not written about this in some time but I get the itch again so here I am…scratching it. Don’t ask where the itch is. Read more…


Giving Back: Childhood Hunger & Health

Hey look at me go. Another post that has nothing to do with wine, beer, or food. I wanted to touch on two organizations that I’m super impressed with. Not only is the cause awesome but the people leading the charge in these groups have their ‘stuff’ together. Read more…


Paso Robles: The Parking Problem

The top three things I hear people complain about in Paso Robles are the parking (lack thereof), water, and some of the streets that need repair. I do agree that we have a water issue and I also agree there are many streets that need to be repaired but I have changed my mind on the parking issue downtown. Read more…


Favorite Grape Variety

My favorite variety changes throughout the year but as of now I am definitely in white wine mode. Welcome to Paso! I must say that my absolute favorite thing to do as far as wine goes is to try new grapes or ones I have not had often. This is what I often refer to as the ‘wine adventure’. I just can’t drink one variety or one brand all the time. Read more…


Are Wine Groups Worth the Money?

I am genuinely curious about the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance and other wine groups like them. I’m noticing some wineries leaving the PRWCA and it got me thinking. Are they leaving because they cannot afford it? Are they leaving because they personally do not feel they are benefiting? Read more…


Public Service Announcement: Be Human

Hi there folks. This is a departure from the usual post on this blog but something is bothering me. This last Friday night was the first concert in the park here in Paso Robles. We attended and had a great time. I don’t think there was any event Saturday or Sunday in the downtown park but I could be mistaken. This morning (Monday morning) I took my son to the downtown park to walk around and play. Read more…


Press Release: Vina Robles Opens New Wine Club Lounge

Vina Robles Opens New Wine Club Lounge – Grand Opening Scheduled for the Weekend of June 28

Paso Robles, CAVina Robles Vineyards & Winery will soon debut its new Signature Club Lounge at their Hospitality Center off Highway 46 East in Paso Robles, California. The Club Lounge will be an addition within the winery’s existing 14,000 square foot Hospitality Center that opened in July of 2007 and features a tasting room, retail shop, banquet facility, as well as several outdoor patios. Read more…


Press Release: Harry’s Pismo Beach Bar Acquired


Mike Frey and his family’s ownership group, who also own the Pismo Beach Hotel, have acquired Harry’s Beach Bar. The acquisition took place on May 1, 2014, and new elements of excitement have been added to benefit all patrons. While the music genre and staff remain the same, additions of boutique wine on tap, acceptance of credit cards, a wide variety of Social Media applications and a commitment to patrons and citizens of Pismo Beach is being received with enthusiasm. Read more…

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